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This app allows convenient definition, inspection, and calculation of Solid Oxide Fuell Cell (SOFC) performance. Features are available via three tabs described below.

Model SOFC performance in a common form using the standard cell potential with Nernst term and loss terms for activation, ohmic, and diffusion polarizations. An “Info” button next to each model term gives further details and links to a related Wikipedia article.

Inspect the model by plotting voltage and power curves as a function of current density. The “Operating Point” indicates performance at the condition selected in the “Calculate” tab: a dot for calculated and a square for manual values. Loss terms can be toggled on/off using the provided switches. The plot updates showing the impact on performance, thus illustrating each term’s effect.

Calculate cell and stack voltages as well as stack power and power density as a function of stack design and current density. Cell voltage is either entered manually or calculated from the model.

Default behavior for cell voltage calculation is to use only the loss terms selected on the “Inspect” tab. Alternatively, all terms can be included. This behavior can be changed in the settings.

Enter data for current density, active cell area, and number of cells. If the “Voltage Mode” selector is set to “Model” the cell voltage field is greyed out and a voltage cannot be entered manually. If the “Manual” mode is selected a custom voltage can be entered and will be used by the calculator. Calculated as well as manual voltage and power are shown as the “Operating Point” on the “Inspect” tab. Calculated values are shown as dots, manual values as squares.

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